Simple pub/sub messaging for the web

Download Faye

The latest version is 1.1.1, released February 25 2015. It is open-source software, released under the MIT license. You can follow development on Faye’s GitHub page.

Download for Node.js and web browsers

The Node.js version is available through npm. This package contains a copy of the browser client, which is served up by the Faye server when running.

npm install faye

Alternatively you can grab the latest release package:

Download JavaScript version 1.1.1

The above package contains these files:

  • node/faye-node.js
  • browser/faye-browser.js
  • browser/faye-browser-min.js
  • browser/faye-browser-min.js.map

To use Faye for Node.js, just put these two files together in a directory, and load the server-side component using require('./path/to/faye-node'). The faye-browser-min.js file contains the web browser client, which your Faye server will serve for you automatically.

The browser client can be used standalone with other Bayeux servers like CometD – just include faye-browser-min.js in your web page to use it.

Download for Ruby

For Ruby platforms, Faye is easily installable through RubyGems.

gem install faye

This package also includes the browser client which is served up by the Faye server when running.