Simple pub/sub messaging for the web

Node.js server

Server-side Node.js clients

You can use Faye clients on the server side to send messages to in-browser clients or to other server-side processes. The API is identical to the browser client.

To create a client, just supply the host you want to connect to:

var client = new faye.Client('http://localhost:8000/faye');

You can then use client.subscribe() and client.publish() to send messages to other clients; see the browser client documentation for more information.

The server has its own client attached to it so you can use the server to send messages to browsers. This client has direct access to the server without going over HTTP, and is thus more efficient. To send messages through the server just use the #getClient() method.

bayeux.getClient().publish('/email/new', {
  text:       'New email has arrived!',
  inboxSize:  34